Youth Crime Solvers

Because crime can leave a profound mark on our students, campus safety has become an emotional issue that has shot to the forefront of the nation and local public sentiment.

Following the success and design of community programs, Middle and Senior High School principals along with School Resource Officers can organize a Student Crime Solvers (SCS) program under the umbrella of Big Bend Crime Solvers, Inc.

The existence of Crime Solvers at the school level does not indicate that a campus has a crime or drug problem.  SCS programs can assist in helping students understand and explore their connection with the community, their own beliefs and the motivation of others and to design practical solutions to assist in reducing crime. 

  • The program will operate on the proven theory that each campus has hundreds of vigilant eyes and ears to fight crime. 
  • Individuals who provide tips that lead to police or disciplinary action will be eligible for cash rewards. 
  • Students using the program will remain anonymous and are eligible up to a $500 reward, with emphasis on $500 rewards for the removal of firearms from students. 

Through the SCS program students will have the opportunity to take responsibility for both feeling safe and being safe in their environment.  Young people need to learn how to accept responsibility for their action as part of growing up and taking their place in the community.  Thus, law breakers and felons will receive a stern message that crime will not be tolerated in the Big Bend area public schools and on higher education campuses.

The purpose of this program is not to intimidate students, nor is it to be considered a “snitch” program. Its mission should be to provide an avenue for students to be able to provide information regarding possible criminal activity in their campus environment anonymously and without fear of retaliation. The goal is to increase the number of tips coming out of schools, colleges and universities. When an educational institution decides to form a Crime Solvers program, it should coordinate its efforts with the program coordinator of BBCS. The coordinator will work with campus officials in an effort to make the program as successful as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact BBCS at (850) 222-0890.